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Stein Club

Cheers to Beer and YOU

Club Benefits

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Gordon Biersch Stein Club! As a Stein Club member, you not only get to enjoy the benefits of being a Passport Rewards member, but also the added benefits of being a Stein Club member…all rolled into one card!

Stein Club members enjoy the benefit of being able to accrue 1 Passport Point for each $1 spent on food and beverage as well as accrue 1 Stein Point for each house beer purchased* within a calendar year (January – December) at any of our Gordon Biersch locations nationwide. Stein Points are accrued over one calendar year and reset at midnight on December 31st.

As an added benefit, for each Stein Point that members receive, they also receive 5 bonus Passport Points! This means that Stein Club members can increase their Passport Point balance at a much quicker rate than the traditional Passport Program.

The Stein Club program also allows us the ability to show our gratitude to our most dedicated guests by giving them more opportunities to receive fantastic rewards and prizes. The prizes that are available through the Stein Club are reserved for members only and cannot be purchased at any of our locations.


  • 50 Stein Points - Gordon Biersch Logo'd Water Bottle
  • 120 Stein Points - Gordon Biersch Logo'd Backpack
  • 500 Stein Points - Gordon Biersch Logo'd Steel Growler

Once a member crosses one of the above Stein Point thresholds, their reward will be sent to their local Gordon Biersch location. The location will then notify the guest via email or phone when their reward is available for pick up. Please note that prizes change each year and the above are only potential prizes.

Please note that the Stein Club is an elite program and some of our locations are at their max capacity for members. While you might not be able to join the club right away, you can put your name on the waiting list. For more information on how to join, just stop by your local Gordon Biersch and ask for an application.


Start your Stein-quest today! Check out the Top Ten reasons why you might need to join the Stein Club, then visit your local Gordon Biersch and ask your bartender how you can join!

  1. You have never missed a seasonal tapping party.
  2. You try every new seasonal beer (and sometimes an un-seasonal beer that our brewers have dreamed up in their spare time!)
  3. Regardless of what time you stop by the bar, you know at least 3 other guests there.
  4. You know your brewer’s full name (first, middle and last), birthday, astrological sign, and when he first started brewing beer.
  5. You and your bartender play on the same bowling league.
  6. The only reward you’ve ever redeemed your Passport Points for is a Brewer’s Dinner.
  7. You know the various and mysterious origins of The Growler.
  8. You have drunk from “Das Boot” on more than one occasion and can recite the legend by heart.
  9. You asked for a silo for your birthday last year.
  10. You seriously considered naming your firstborn “Märzen Hefe”.

*Stein Points issued for the purchase of full priced beers only. Stein points not issued for group event packages.