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Nutritional & Allergen Info


The nutritional information contained in our restaurants or on our website ( was prepared by Nutritional Information Services (NIS). The information listed on our menus and websites is meant to provide a general estimate of the nutritional values associated with our menu items. The estimated nutritional values for a menu item may vary from the testing results due to variations in serving sizes; preparation techniques; ingredient recipes supplied by our vendors; both seasonal and regional differences in products supplied to us; supplier substitutions; and, supplier testing methods. Nutritional values for some menu items, such as those that are limited time only or are regional in nature, are not available at this time.


We understand the challenges facing the community of people who struggle with food allergies or have to manage food and beverage sensitivities in their lives. We know how difficult it is to eat safely, especially when eating out. Your options are severely limited because of the absence of available information. It is important that you are aware that milk, eggs, tree nuts, seafood, soy, wheat, sesame products, crustacean shellfish, fish, sulfites and other allergens are present in our restaurants. We ask that when placing your order you alert your server and the manager on duty to your food or beverage allergy or sensitivity. The more information relating to your specific needs you can provide, the better we can attempt to protect you. We will then try our best to avoid any accidental cross-contact, but we do not have separate equipment dedicated for the preparation of allergen based food requests. All food in our establishment may come into contact with surfaces, fryers, grills, utensils or other equipment that have previously contacted an allergen. Finally, it is a good idea to remind your server about your request when your food arrives at the table in order to confirm that you are receiving the correct dish.


The nutritional and allergen information provided here and on our websites is based entirely on the information provided by our ingredient manufacturers and suppliers. We have limited this discloser to the "Big 8" (wheat, soy, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish) as those are the only one's manufacturers are required to disclose. Suppliers may change the ingredients in their products or the way they prepare their products without informing us. From time to time we or our suppliers may substitute products due to inventory shortages and we can’t be sure that the substitute products will be free of the allergen you wish to avoid. If there are changes we are made aware of we will update our website, so please check our website frequently.


The labeling practices and terminology relating to manufacturer's handling of other potential allergens in their facilities vary greatly and can be vague. Because of this, we have not included in our listings allergens that may be present in the supplier's plants or may even come in contact with the same manufacturing equipment. Cross contact may have occurred at these facilities and is beyond our control. For example, our almonds may be packaged at a facility that also processes other tree nuts.


The range of tolerance or reactions to the presence of food and beverage allergens varies greatly from person to person. Decisions on the number of precautions you should take or risks you may expose yourself to, are always best made by you in consultation with your health care provider.


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition. No allergen or nutritional information in restaurant materials or our website should ever be considered a guarantee, but simply our effort to better serve our customers. SPB Hospitality LLC, including its franchisees and licensees, is not liable for the validity of the information provided by our suppliers and distributors of products used in our kitchens.


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If you have any additional questions regarding Nutritional Information, please contact our Culinary Team via our Customer Contact form (select Nutritional Information as a Topic for proper routing of your question)